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Birding Supplies

One of the best sources of color in the garden is not a plant at all—it's the radiantly beautiful birds, butterflies, and more. From iridescent hummingbirds hovering around the salvia to the beautiful butterfly visiting it's favorite nectar-rich plants, birds and other wildlife are useful as well as attractive in the garden. Keep them visiting often by offering sources of food, water, and shelter. You'll find just what you need here to fill the garden with all your winged friends year-round.

Bird Feeder 4.jpg

Hillcrest dedicates a large portion of our garden center to birds and critters.  We stock over 15 varieties of bird mixes in addition to 3 Hillcrest custom mixes.  We also offer an extensive line of bird feeders, bird houses, accessories and more.  Oriole and Hummingbird feeders are all stocked year round.

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