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Warranty Policies

Plants for Sale

Nursery Stock Warranty Policy

Hillcrest Garden Center warrants all nursery stock as true-to-name, in healthy condition, and sized to industry standards at the time of purchase.  Hillcrest Garden Center accepts returns provided the original receipt, original plant tags, and dead plants are brought back to the store of purchase.  Cancelled checks or copies of credit card charges are not acceptable.  Dead plants are eligible for a plant credit for the purchase price of the plants, less any coupons or discounts.  Plant credits may be used to purchase plants or merchandise in the garden store.  Replacement plants are not guaranteed.  Sale plants are warrantied for the sale price only.  plant credits expire after one year from the date issued.  If Hillcrest Garden Center delivers or installs a credit only.  No refunds are given for such services not used with that credit.  

Hillcrest Garden Center reserves the right to void any/all warranty coverage due to neglect, not watering the plant, excessive moisture, or inexperience of the planter.  Warranty does not cover acts of nature, animal damage including deer, frost , freeze or drought and plants over wintered in containers or above ground.  Warranty is void if customer provides false information.  

Warranty time limits:

  • Outdoor trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses - 1 year if Hillcrest installs, 6 months if customer installs

  • Houseplants, tropical - 30 days

  • Roses - 6 months or till Dec. 1st

  • Annual pond plants, annuals, bulbs, seed and sod - No Warranty

  • No warranty on dogwood trees

Artificial Tree Warranty Policy 

As a courtesy to our customers, if a light set fails on your tree during the first, second or third year from the date of purchase, Hillcrest Garden Center will make a reasonable effort to get the light set working.  This includes inspecting the set, making sure all connections are secure and if required, shocking the set with a low jolt of electricity.  If we are unable to repair your light set, we will take your tree back and offer you a store credit for the price you paid for the tree.  If the light set has failed due to an extensive amount of lights burnt out, we will not return the tree.  

If the lights on your tree fail after the first 3 years from the date of purchase, we will attempt to fix the lights for a fee.  An estimate will be provided before fixing the lights.  If you do not want the tree repaired, we will take back your tree and will offer you a 10% discount on the purchase of a new tree.  For the longevity of the light strands, you are expected to replace bulbs as they burn out.

Christmas Pine Tree
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