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Pond Shop

Come home to a relaxing atmosphere of a water garden.  Lush plants and the peaceful sound of running water will add serenity to your busy life.  At Hillcrest, we sell quality products from reputable suppliers, providing you with all the components you need to build and maintain your water feature.  

Backyard Pond.png


Are you building your own pond?  We have you covered.  From underlayment, bulk liner cut to fit, skimmers, fall boxes, pumps and more, you won't find a better selection.  Visit our garden center and speak with one of our specialists to get exactly what you need.  


Hillcrest offers an extensive supply of natural bacteria and chemical cleaners for your pond.  Microbelift and Pondcare are two brands we carry.  Keep your water clear with the best products for your pond.  


From water iris to lily pads, nothing looks better in a pond setting.  Pond plants increase water quality, reduces chemical use and provides protection for your fish.  We carry a large selection of tropical, perennial, and floating plants to keep your water feature looking its best.  


Hillcrest carries bulk fish food for both cold water and warm water fish.  Buy one pound or buy a hundred pounds.  Either way, you will save big.  

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