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Here at Hillcrest Garden Center, your garden's vitality and beauty are our top priorities! Elevate your plant health, blossom abundance, and safeguard your green haven with our cutting-edge chemicals and pest prevention solutions.  At Hillcrest, we understand the intricacies of plant care, and we're dedicated to empowering you with the tools and knowledge necessary for a flourishing garden. Visit us today and unlock the full potential of your garden with Hillcrest Garden Center – where your plants thrive, and your garden blooms with health and beauty! 

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Fertilizers are essential for plant health and production of flowers, fruit, and foliage.  Hillcrest carries time release, water soluble, and agricultural fertilizers.  We are an Espoma, Miracle Gro, Fox Farm and Jacks dealer.  We carry both synthetic and organic fertilizers for all your needs.  

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Hillcrest carries a large selection of insecticides, fungicides, and miticides.  We are an Ortho, Bayer, and Bonide dealer.  When you have a problem, our experts will provide you with a solution.  

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Hillcrest carries both organic and synthetic animal controls.  We are a Plantskydd, St. Gabriel, Tomcat, Ortho and Bonide dealer.  Our experts will tell you that Plantskydd is the best repellent on the market that we have used.

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